Christmas Music


Lights at Temple Square, taken by my sister

December: Over-sized sweaters and pie and peppermint and ohmygoodnesssomanythings – and my ultimate vice: Christmas music.

I don’t know why I love it so much. I hear the same songs over and over again for 25 days straight, but I don’t care. For some strange, unfathomable reason, I stay loyal to the seasonal music.

So deep is my obsession, it has almost developed its own circadian rhythm.
Every August for the past several years, about the second or third week in, I succumb to the melomania and listen to a couple Christmas songs. Try as I might to deny the urge, I always fail and shamefully hide under my covers late at night as I secretly listen to my iPod.

Yeah, it’s that bad.

The cycle reaches hyper mode the day after Thanksgiving, when I finally have a legitimate excuse to start bingeing on holiday tunes. And it has hit me hard this year.

But I have a predicament: I do not want to annoy my roommates. I have turned around in the kitchen and found a roommie at the dinner table staring at me confusedly, only to realize that I have been enthusiastically and expressively humming “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.” Therefore, in order to avoid further awksauce, I must wait until everyone has left the apartment.

But when my roommates finally leave, I break out my subwoofer.

I plug my iPod into our living room speakers and viciously tap the screen until I reach the Christmas playlist. Then all of the excess energy bottled up from the anticipation comes out as interpretive dance and opera singing. The whole apartment becomes my stage as I rock out to Bing Crosby and Michael Bublé.

My poor neighbors.

But I have to express my happiness. Something about this season gets me every time – the joy, the laughter, the charity. What better way to express these feelings than through song?

That’s how the angels expressed their joy at Christ’s birth – they sang from the heavens.

I can only suppose that my love for Christmas music comes from my intense love for everything in this season – over-sized sweaters, pie, peppermint, and the birth of my Savior.

Here is one of my newest favorite Christmas tunes from one of my favorite YouTube artists – The Piano Guys.




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