Night in Paris

Night in Paris Flyer





Give me an occasion
and a good theme
and I will do my best
to make it come to life.






Boarding Pass

Ticket to the event


Before nearly 400 kids arrived in their gorgeous attire from 10 surrounding stakes, here is what we created for A Night in Paris.

(Click photos to enlarge)

For All Event Photos:
 click here – (password: ldsformal)
or go here:

Can’t say thank you enough to the amazing crew who helped make this event a success. Merci.
Merci beaucoup!  When’s the next party?

All Signs hand drawn, Arc de Triumph, Man in the Moon painted by Julie Nef.

Wood cutter: Dana Karren (professional info on Second Milers post).
Eiffel Tower: Allen Wilson (see Eiffel Tower creation/setup – here)
Photographers:  Scott Stratford and Sam Post

Street Performers:  
Ed Hegstrom, Tim Hegstrom, Trevor Hegstrom (Singing and guitar Trio)
Allen and Amy Wilson (mimes, uni-cyclist, juggler)
Amanda Allen (mime)
Emily Stratford (oil painting artist)
Dana Karren (balloon artist)
Greg Kearney (caricature artist)
Arthur Jue (violin)
Kyle Dickson (DJ)

Other posts on the Night in Paris formal:
Second Milers
UnCommon Courtesy


They are starting to put ads on our blog. We do not approve these and are not getting any residuals whatsoever, so I apologize for the content. I’ll see what I can do about it.


2 thoughts on “Night in Paris

  1. I would love to try your eiffel tower project for our spring formal. Would it be possible to purchase your template or blueprint? Thank you so much for your time.

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