Screw Up Fairy


“I never make the same mistake twice.
I make it five or six times, you know, just to be sure.”


Yep. My blogger’s worst fear happened.
I was writing notes for a post: scattered, patchy, rambling unfinished thoughts that I quickly jotted down as hubby was calling from the other room, “Come on! The movie is about to start!”

“Give me a sec!” I yelled back.  “Let me just get this idea down and I’ll be right in.”
I typed fast and went to close out the page, but instead of pushing the “Save Draft” button, I pressed the “Publish” button.


“COME BAAAAACK!!!” I yelled at the screen. “REED HEEEELLLP!  MY POST WASN’T READY TO BE POSTED YET!”  (I always call for him whether he can help or not).

But, alas, nothing could be done.  Like doves let out of a cage, my unfinished notes flew out into the blogosphere.


Oh, I could erase the quasi post from this blogsite, but I could not retrieve it from our Followers’ email.  At that very moment, I knew numbers of you were being alerted of a new addition to your inbox.

Don't we all have these moments?

Don’t we all have these moments?


I felt like Captain Kirk yelling “KHAAAAAAN!” at the computer (though in the picture, left, I think he’s screaming something like, “I’M CAPTAIN KIRK!”- it works for me).  Curses! Foiled by my own faux pas.

Oh well, I just have to chalk it up to life with another hiccup.

Medical Term:  SDF Synchronous Diaphragmatic Flutter
The involuntary and sudden spasm of the diaphragm and larynx (voice box) and closure of the glottis – all occurring at the same time.  No one knows why hiccups happen.  Could be linked to food or stress (too much, too hot, too spicy, too whatever).  All they know for certain is that it’s a nuisance.

There you have it.  Sudden.  Spastic.  Involuntary Flutter.  Nuisance.  Seems to be more of the norm with me.  Life with the hiccups, that is.  My kids are used to it, There goes mom again, and we all laugh.

Blunders, for the most part, don’t usually bother me.  Goof-ups are hilarious.  Little mistakes make life interesting.  But this flub the other night, I did not find funny at all, however with a little time and a little shaking-it-off, I can laugh about it now.

So, for those of you who wondered what that “post” was, I apologize.  Just think of the slip as semi-interesting info to ponder for the upcoming real publication.

And, just for the record, don’t be surprised if this hiccup happens again.

Thanks for your patience.



They are starting to put ads on our blog. We do not approve these and are not getting any residuals whatsoever, so I apologize for the content. I’ll see what I can do about it.


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