Ask a Silly Question…Lauren’s Political Views



With Veteran’s Day and the recent Democratic and Republican debates taking place, Ashley, Connor, and Landon said, “Hey, I wonder what Lauren’s views are on the current parties and political issues,” and shot an email over to her in France.

This was Lauren’s political response:

“Lauren answers to no one. She is a free eagle. Nothing defines her. She flies. She conquers. She loves. She sees everything from on high, from every perspective imaginable.

She is a Lone Ranger in search for enlightenment. Nothing brings her down. The wind and storm only lifts her higher, and a red white and blue tear falls from her eye and an 80s band plays God Bless America softly in the distance as she flies over amber waves of grain to purple mountains majesty into the sunset.

In other words, Lauren does not have a singular view. Every test she has taken says she is Centrist. Basically, I am the one who decides elections.

What now! (Fireworks go off behind as I hold my American flag on a cliff overlooking the sea to shining sea and canons fire and the wind blows through my mullet and Jimmy Hendrix plays the national anthem).

That is all.

God bless the USA!”





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