Chocolate Made Me Cry

“Life is like a box of chocolates – you never know what you are going to get.”
– Forrest Gump

Last month was super stressful, I’m not going to lie.

I had been working on paper after paper, assignment after assignment with no downtime for 3 weeks straight. I was losing sleep over all that I had to do – the whole thing was a nightmare.


I feel ya Ophelia.

All the strain culminated on a particular Wednesday when I had my big Shakespeare presentation – a presentation that was freaking me out on for the several days preceding (it was on Hamlet, which I am sure was half the problem right there: not a happy play).

I had good stuff, I was just worried about pulling it all together. Working on it late into the night for a few nights in a row, I could hardly do anything else without dread following me everywhere like an attention-starved puppydog. I even prayed to Heavenly Father that if only ONE THING were to work out the next day, please let it be the presentation. Everything else could go wrong, but please let the presentation go well.

Well, guess what happened. THAT DIDN’T. Instead, the day overall went great EXCEPT the presentation.

I still feel really bad about it, and it’s been a month. It was a group presentation, and my part went WAY overtime. The whole presentation was supposed to be 55 minutes, so with 3 group members, that meant I got about 18 minutes to cover my stuff, and I was going first. And I was the time keeper. Well, I misread my watch, and I went over 25 minutes when I thought i had done 20 minutes. And the discussion wasn’t great. And after class I burst into tears, right in the middle of the classroom.

Needless to say, I was not in a good emotional state WHATSOEVER.

I went straight home and tried to calm down, but I’ll admit I had a bit of an emotional breakdown (too much stress for too many weeks). But after the flow of tears had died out (or so I thought), I heard a knock on the door – the mailman was there.

He was one of those really smiley mailmen – the super friendly kind who goes about his job as if he were Santa Claus himself.

“Hello there!” he said. “I have a package for Ashley Nef.”

Well, that’s me, and sure enough he was holding a box. But it was a Big Box. I mean really big.  I mean, I hadn’t ordered any pieces of furniture recently, so I wondered what it could possibly be.

“Looks like someone is getting some candy!!!” he said.

Candy? I thought to myself. How much candy does this guy buy a pop if he thinks this is candy? I didn’t actually say any of that, but just smiled, hoping he couldn’t see the tear stains on my cheeks, and signed my name.

It wasn’t until I closed the door that I thought to look at the sender’s address. Sure enough, it was from See’s Candy, ordered by one Carol McLean (my grandma).

What on earth?!

I ripped open that box when I got back to my room, and what did my wondering eyes behold?

Box of Chocolates.jpg





It was awe-inspiring in its grandiosity! I didn’t know so much chocolate could exist in one box at once! The box holding it all was larger than my torso!

Never had a box of chocolate arrived in a more timely fashion. It was so ridiculously sized and I was already ridiculously emotional and drained from stress and everything else that I burst into tears seeing it.

I literally cried over a box of chocolate.

That was my Wednesday. It was a weird day. But you know, it improved significantly with the arrival of that package.

God bless grandmas.


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