Things I Learned on My Mission

  • Jesus is sassy.
  • Inspiration from the Spirit is real – trust it will come and don’t over-think it.
  • Faith brings miracles.
  • Remember – people have their agency.
  • How to properly eat an apple.
  • No matter what you do as a missionary, even if it’s not your best, God uses every ounce of your effort for good.
  • No one is perfect, but everyone is trying their best.
  • I like sharing fun-facts.
  • We are instruments in God’s hands, He orchestrates EVERYTHING.
  • How to pray to my Father in Heaven like He is a real person.
  • God does not send us on missions to fail.
  • Expect a miracle.
  • Don’t have guile.
  • I may not be a great top-dog, but I am a pretty great wing-man.
  • Spiritual demolition is necessary and it hurts.
  • When God humbles you, He is merciful and will lift you higher than you were before.
  • You can get along with anyone. It’s a choice.
  • Power comes from reading and knowing the scriptures.
  • Life is so much more enjoyable if you are not judgmental.
  • Love is the key.


Missions are great.  Give the Lord your all and the Lord will give you more, which is grander than what I’ve listed.  Truth of the matter is – I’m not done growing or learning. My mission has given me tools and experience that will bless the rest of my life and beyond.

It’s good to be home!







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