My Weird Project: Women of the Scriptures Blog Series

Prepare yourselves:  A series of posts about women in the scriptures and the Young Women values! But first, a bit of explanation…

mary-magdalene-saw-jesus-1103329-galleryBeing the ~feminist~ that I am, I love to read stories about my fellow ladies in our religious canon. Knowing this, my grandma gave me some cheesy women-in-the-scriptures baseball cards for my birthday. Each card bore one of the Young Women values [click here to know more about these values] and had a picture of a woman from the scriptures who exemplified the said value. To my own surprise, I took an interest in these cards and found myself deeply analyzing each one. Do I know why? Nope, still don’t. But these cards both fascinated and bothered me.

Things that I noted: For one, I thought it was cool that they found so many scriptural women (I mean, from what I knew, there weren’t that many). However, there was one thing that irked me (other than the quirky drawings on them – those things were weird, man) – the value designated for each woman. Some of them were great, but others just didn’t fit. I mean, who the heck are “The Women in the Wilderness”? And where in heaven’s name is Eve?! I stewed for weeks about these dumb LDS novelty cards. Then I decided I could take no more. I wanted to correct the mistakes made on these tiny pieces of cardstock – I needed to set the record straight.

My task: to search the scriptures and make my own list of women for each Young Women’s value, gosh darnit.

So I read, and I googled, and I searched. In the process, I found this AMAZING website called Women in the Scriptures that I highly recommend – check it out if you have a few minutes. This site really helped me formulate a good list.

In my research, I discovered a couple things.
1) My presumption that there were more applicable women to the YW values was correct but
2) There are SO MANY MORE women than I thought. Holy cannoli. I found that I could not narrow down my list to one-person-per-value. I cheated and made it two-people-per-value. Hope you don’t mind.

Now, after searching  f o r e v e r , I thought that I would share with you the results. Click any of the values listed below to read what I have found! (and don’t worry, Eve is there.)






Women of the Scriptures: Individual Worth

queen-esther-king-1332891-galleryEsther   Esther 4:14-16

This woman is incredible. She grew up as the persecuted minority in her besieged homeland. Miraculous circumstances brought her into the court and favor of the king, and thus into a position to save her people, the Jews, from being destroyed by royal decree. Despite the danger of the situation before her, Esther entered the court of the king to beg for her people’s lives. No doubt that Esther was preserved for “such a time as this” – to save her people. God needed her at this very moment to save hundreds of thousands of His other sons and daughters. Esther’s story shows us that one person has infinite worth, for one person can save an entire nation. We may not ever be in circumstances quite like Esther, but we do have the power to have an enormous influence on the world around us. We are precious to our Father, He knows our potential, and He will use us where He sees fit to make the biggest difference.


woman-at-the-well-1433375-galleryWoman at the Well   John 4:5-42

A Samaritan. An adulteress. A woman. Any other Jewish man would have ignored or even berated her. But not the Savior. As the woman drew water at a well, Christ took time to talk to her and teach her as if she were an equal. Because Christ showed her that she had value and taught her truth, she believed and was able to spread the good word to help convert many others. Through her story, we learn that no matter our circumstances, background, or past mistakes, we are all loved individually by our Father in Heaven and His Son. No sin can bar us from their love. Through Christ, we can overcome any setback and we can all make a difference.