The Kiss

Cupid and Psyche closeup

“You can say ‘I love you”
a thousand ways,
but you can say it better
with silence
and a kiss.”
Chloe Thurlow

“Is not a kiss
the very autograph of love?”
Henry Theophilus Finck,
Romantic Love


What better way to celebrate the month of Love than with artistic impressions of a peculiar phenomenon that is at once more expressive than song, more articulate than philosophy, more romantic than roses, and more delicious (dare I say) than chocolate – The Kiss.

Expressed and understood in all languages, cultures, countries, and eras, the kiss is the very symbol of our simplest yet deepest affections.  So, pucker up, folks.  Gathered here are some of the world’s most beautiful sentiments and masterpieces culled from centuries of amore.  Enjoy! Continue reading