Mission Shopping Tips

Probably one of the best parts about preparing for a mission (aside from the scripture and Preach My Gospel study, of course) is clothes shopping. Since the change in missionary dress and grooming standards (girls can wear color and patterns now!), shopping for mission clothes has become an absolute joy. What girl doesn’t like shopping right?

Well… the joy of shopping is slightly lessened when you can’t find anything even remotely long enough or modest enough. Sigh… Mormon girl problems.

As if the missionary/Mormon standards weren’t enough, I have my height adding to the problem (Lauren Nef – turning dresses into shirts since 1995).

But never to fear – for I have some missionary shopping pro-tips (put to the test by actual missionaries) that are guaranteed to give you the best, fashion-forward missionary wardrobe you could ever asked for. Continue reading


Called to Serve

french-flagA couple of days ago, I received my mission call. I have been called to serve in the south of France.

The. South. Of. France!

GAAAHH!!!! Holy Cow (or vache sacrée)!!!

It is exciting and terrifying and thrilling at the same time.

Though there are so many unknowns whirring through my mind – will I be able to learn the language, will I be able to handle the stress, will anyone listen, will I have any success – there are a few things I do know. Continue reading