Holy Week

Garden Tomb by J. Kirk Richards

Garden Tomb  by J. Kirk Richards

Happy Easter week everyone!

Most of the Christian world refers to the week preceding Easter Sunday as Holy Week.  I concur.  Scan back through time 1983 years, and you will find Jesus in his final week upon this earth. It is a solemn time.  A holy time in which he is spending his last days teaching his disciples everything they must know to lead His church. Their task of spreading the gospel message to all the world is just beginning.  Christ’s earthly mission, however, is coming to an end.  Continue reading


Today is a Good Day for a Good Day

Smileys Show Happy Cheerful Faces

“People always tell me ‘Have a nice day!’
Well, what if I don’t want to?
What if I want to have a crappy day?”
George Carlin

“Write it on your heart that every day
is the best day in the year.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson

So many of my friends are having bad days. I’m not talking – the baby spits up on your best shirt, kids are squabbling, someone cuts you off on the freeway, you burn the toast, you’re late to work – mild inconvenience days.  No.  I’m talking extra troubling days.  Those kind of days when hope is broadsided by crisis.  You know what I mean.

The funeral
The lay off
The accident
The grim diagnosis

These are lousy, how-am-I-going-to-get-through-this, no good, down-right bad days.  How do we deal with them? Continue reading

Fear Not


I have had a lot on my mind lately.

School, finances, unemployment and – most recently – mission papers have taken over my every waking moment. I worry constantly.

Will I be able to pay back my loans?
Will I be able to pay for my mission?
Will I have a job waiting for me when I get back from my mission?
Will I even be able to handle a mission?
Am I going to be okay?

As I have sorted through the slew of questions in my mind, I am reminded of a story my mom told in a Sunday School lesson. Continue reading

Beginning to Sink

Disciples in Storm by Rembrandt 2

“The Storm on the Sea of Galilee”
by Rembrandt

Out of the depths have I cried unto thee, O Lord.
Psalms 130:1

The story of the disciples in the storm on the Sea of Galilee, when Jesus comes walking on water towards them, is one of my favorites. But I especially love Peter. Bold, impetuous, fiery, passionate, fallible Peter. Yeah, he’s the kind of guy I can relate to. And, in this story, he shows the shooting from the hip kind of faith that gives me hope in my storms.

Setting Sail on Galilee
Here’s the set-up:  Jesus has just fed the multitude, sent them off in one direction, put his disciples on a boat in another, and says to the Twelve, “see you on the other side, boys!” Then he heads up the mountain to have alone time with his Father in prayer.

That’s when the storm hits. Continue reading