John Adams Letter

John Adams’ letter addresses Abigail as “Miss Adorable”                 4 October 1762

“Words words words.”
William Shakespeare, Hamlet

“My bursting heart must find vent in my pen.”
Abigail Adams

Letters. I love Letters; both writing them and receiving them.  There are many types and varieties, but the ones I want to address in this post are those that come from the heart. They are the personal kind.  Personal letters are pretty special for a few reasons.

1)  Letters connect us. When someone we love is absent from our immediate presence, we want to lessen the gap.  We long to link.  Share thoughts, laughter, experiences, and love. When someone we love is distant, our heart yearns to express and reach out, and, in return, receive. Letters are a way of connecting the distance.

2)  Written words fill a void where verbal expression falls short. The writer usually takes time to thoughtfully articulate matters of the mind and feelings of the heart.

3)  Seeing it in writing adds meaning: a thank you note, a love letter, an apology, an “I miss you.”  Writing it down gives words vibrato and longevity.

But, letters, as wonderful as they are, seem to be a dying art. Wouldn’t you agree? Continue reading