Fight for the Good in this World

5aba503fdf77414b8d5b645caa8029d9In the wake of recent events *coughelectioncough*, people everywhere (the left and the right alike) are questioning the future – whether we can break past the rampant hatred in our current society. Honestly, I have, too. Particularly yesterday afternoon.

It had not been a good day. In addition to the negative tone of things happening in the world: I missed an appointment, realized that I had 8+ essays due in the next three weeks on top of all other homework, and lost my favorite button on my backpack. In short, I felt I had a sufficient list of things to whine about. Which is exactly what I did. Continue reading



spectacles-glassesEvery person on this planet wears a sort of pair of glasses through which they see the world. A set of lenses through which we filter and perceive life. These glasses are called paradigms. Paradigms are a sort of personally prescribed focus that are formed from things we’ve been taught, experiences, prejudices, opinions – everything through which we perceive the world.

As much as we would like to think that our paradigms are accurate or ideal or fail-proof, they are far from it. This is the problem with paradigms. The glasses we create for ourselves sometimes have blinders that prevent us from seeing the larger picture.

How can they be accurate if our field of vision is limited by personal comfort and happiness? How can they be ideal if our focus is biased to personal power and success? How can they be fail-proof if our peripheral vision only sees our own education, goals and dreams?

We need to shift our paradigms. We need to change how we perceive this world.

How do we do this? Continue reading