The girls 2

Julie, Ashley, and Lauren

the girls 3

The girls

Julie (pinching Ashley’s butt), Ashley, Lauren

I am Ashley Nef: 

Literature buff,
historian, teacher,
aspiring novelist,
pop culture connoisseur,
Fitbit devotee,
and sci-fi nut.
My name is Lauren Nef:
Writer, cook, artist,
antique/thrift store junkie,
teacher, and all-around
great sister.

And I am Julie Nef:
Mom of Ashley and Lauren.
I live in the California Bay Area.
I am a teacher, motivational
speaker, professional artist,
designer, and organizer,
amateur writer,
and just plain lucky
to have these gals
as two of my four kids.
We all adore movies, food, family, singing to music in the car, the gospel of Jesus Christ, and finding meaning in life.
We also love our dinner-time discussions, so we figured what better way to share tidbits of incite on life than sending it out into the blogosphere?

And here we are.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Gals… Very, very nice concept for a blog. Please do the honor of visiting my blog and read my about page dedicated to my mom. I miss her, she who was a great encourager to me in my adventure with lupus, too. She lived in the Bay Area, too, where I grew up and did my first three years of college at Cal State East Bay. LA from AZ

    • There is a special place for those who sit in the bleachers and cheer us on. An even better place for those who run with us by our side. Bless you and your mom. I will definitely check out your blog.

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