Fight for the Good in this World

5aba503fdf77414b8d5b645caa8029d9In the wake of recent events *coughelectioncough*, people everywhere (the left and the right alike) are questioning the future – whether we can break past the rampant hatred in our current society. Honestly, I have, too. Particularly yesterday afternoon.

It had not been a good day. In addition to the negative tone of things happening in the world: I missed an appointment, realized that I had 8+ essays due in the next three weeks on top of all other homework, and lost my favoriteĀ button on my backpack. In short, I felt I had a sufficient list of things to whine about. Which is exactly what I did. Continue reading


Fire of Discipleship


flammes-chaleur-feu-flammechesIt has been a while, folks! Sorry about that. Been trying to get back into the swing of things after coming home from my mission. It has been a ride and a half, but now things are all settled and I am back at school.

My first week in my YSA ward, I was asked to give a talk on discipleship. And for the life of me, I could not think of any ideas. Eventually, after lots of searching and mulling things over, I had a tiny thought…

You remember in middle school, when you were obsessed with that one thing – that band, that book series, that TV show, that movie – and you had t-shirts, lavishly decorated binders that celebrated that thing you loved so much. Your life revolved around that thing – you were a fanatic, you were enthusiastic, and fired up. You would defend it to the death. Continue reading